Technology Privacy and Safety Information

North Haven Public Schools is committed to protecting the privacy of our students. Below you will find information about the new Data Privacy Act, as well as a list of a variety of programs our students might want to use and their corresponding adherence to the CT state privacy policies. NHPS does not condone the use of programs that use targeted advertising to our students nor allow the use of programs that sell personally identifiable information regarding student information.


We maintain CIPA, COPPA, PA 16-189 and FERPA compliance. North Haven Public Schools uses multiple layers of filtering and safety monitoring to allow our students to safely use the internet for educational purposes. All applications listed below without the yellow highlighting are either "identified as compliant," have a "contract on file," or do not collect individually identifiable student information, and may therefore be used for educational purposes. All applications highlighted in yellow have indicated restrictions to student use due to not being compliant with privacy regulations. 


Public Act No. 16-189: An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy

Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)