Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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Melinda McKenna 
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
quote "what we learn with pleasure we never forget"
The Department of Teaching & Learning:
The North Haven Public Schools strive to provide a high-quality, comprehensive educational experience that supports each student’s academic, social, and emotional development and prepares them to be global citizens who are college, career, and life ready. Literacy is at the cornerstone of all of our work. Instruction is rigorous, student-centered, engaging, and fosters meaningful feedback and discovery.
The Department of Teaching & Learning is responsible for envisioning, planning, and directing the implementation of curriculum and instruction, assessment, and professional learning in the North Haven  Public Schools.  In addition to Curriculum Coordinators, each of whom specializes in a specific content area, our department includes SRBI/ Intervention Coordinators at both the elementary and secondary level as well as an EL Coordinator. Together, we support students, families, and educators in our daily efforts to ensure academic excellence, educational equity, and social-emotional wellbeing for all our students.