New Student Registration


North Haven Public Schools now register all incoming students through an online application process, including all incoming Kindergarten registrations.


New Kindergarten registration begins February 1, 2021.


To register your child for North Haven Public Schools:
1) Click the Registration Link Here to begin the online application
2) Print the Connecticut State Medical Form found at the bottom of this page and have it completed by your child's physician. If your child will not be 5 years old before September 1st, a copy of your child's most recent physical may be used.
3) Prepare the following materials for your appointment with your child's new school:
  • Birth Certificate with Raised Seal.
  • 3 forms of Proof of Residency: Rent or Mortgage Statement, Utility Bill, Driver's License, etc.
  • NOTE: due to COVID restrictions, all documents are to be uploaded. The birth certificate is under residency/birth verification and health forms are under Medical Forms for New Registrants.
4) If your student is NOT enrolling in school for the first time:
  • Print the Release of Records Form found at the bottom of this page, and send it to your child's previous school.
  • If you already have your child's records please call the school before coming to drop them off.
5) The school will contact you shortly after step 1 has been completed to schedule your appointment. Please do not schedule your appointment until all of the above materials are completed in order to prevent delay of the registration process.
6) You will receive an email from your child's school with the PowerSchool log-in information.  Please create a PowerSchool account and proceed to the Ecollect Forms section of PowerSchool to complete your child's registration forms.  For help, email support@northhavenschools.org or call 203-780-9566.
For Kindergarten Registrations:
  • Please complete steps 1 through 6 above and then upload the materials listed in step 3 to your Powerschool Ecollect portal by March 31st, 2020. 
  • Please note that your child's registration is not complete and he/she may not begin school until all of the steps above have been completed.  You will be contacted in April with information regarding Kindergarten Screening.
  • Click on your district elementary school below to view a "Welcome To Kindergarten!" presentation by your school principal.
NOTE: North Haven Middle and High School will require a pre-registration appointment for all paperwork to be submitted prior to the registration appointment with a counselor to schedule classes.
Thank You and Welcome to North Haven!