DCF Mandated Reporting


Mandated reporters are required to report or cause a report to be made when, in the ordinary course of their employment or profession, they have reasonable cause to suspect or believe that a child under the age of 18 has been abused, neglected or is placed in imminent risk of serious harm. (CGS§17a-101a)

Emergent Situations - Call the Careline
If the victim or another similarly situated minor is presenting in:
  • Immediate harm
  • With the need for emergent medical or mental health care
  • With a realistic fear of further abuse or neglect within the next 24 hours
  • That they will be inaccessible within the next 24 hours 

Non-emergent Situations - Online Referral
Click on the link below to report a non-emergent situation if the victim or another similarly situated minor is not presenting in need for an emergent response:

All 3 components are required for referral to be accepted:

  • Victim - Was the victim under age 18*?
  • Perpetrator - Was the perpetrator responsible for, given access to, or entrusted to care for the victim?
  • Incident - Was there a specific incident during which the victim was abused or neglected by the perpetrator?
For families that do not meet the above acceptance criteria who may benefit from services, contact the infoline at 211. 
*Age limitations are not considered for children currently receiving services from DCF or if allegations involve sexual abuse of a student by school personnel. 

Educational Neglect

Occurs when a school-aged child has excessive absences from school through the intent or neglect of the parent or caregiver.

For children older than 12, excessive absenteeism through the child’s own intent, despite the caregiver’s efforts, is truancy which is handled through the school district.