North Haven Nighthawks Preschool Program at NHHS

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Welcome to the North Haven Nighthawks Preschool!
Director: Michele DeGiacomo.

[email protected]

Phone: 203-239-1641 x2119


Preschool Lead Teachers:

Regina Amarone [email protected]

Sabrina Ferrara [email protected]

Part-time Teacher Assistant:

Alison Griffin [email protected]

Preschool phone: 203-239-1641 x2119


North Haven High School’s Child Development Preschool has been running for over fifty years. The nursery school was established in an effort to provide students who take Child Development classes with hands-on experience with young children, thus making our program a laboratory school. In addition, the nursery school is a service to the public by providing a quality educational program for children in our community. Since 2000, the preschool has been functioning as a full-day program meeting the needs of preschoolers aged 3-5 and their families, while also providing a guided teaching/learning experience for our high school students.


We believe that children learn best in a hands-on environment that offers the child choice, appeals to their interests and meets each child’s individual rate of growth while meeting the needs of the whole child in all areas of development. Our program is designed to meet the needs of the child physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and morally. We encourage children to explore a variety of centers and develop their individual differences.

Program Goals

  • Promote independence by encouraging children to clean up their materials, provide age-appropriate furniture and materials.
  • Promote fine motor development through a variety of manipulatives, puzzles, art projects, play dough and use of scissors.
  • Promote gross motor development through active play.
  • Promote self –concept through positive reinforcement, sharing time and displaying children's artwork.
  • Promote problem-solving through the use of self-regulation tools such as Mood Meter, problem-solving wheel, and How I Feel Today chart.
  • Promote social skills through teacher directed/facilitated activities in small groups, sharing time, center time and meal times. In addition, self-directed activities in learning centers and free play.
How do I enroll my child?
  • The current 2023-24 School Year is full as is the waiting list. Applications are not being accepted at this point.
  • We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-25 School year only.
  • The North Haven Nighthawk Laboratory Preschool is open to the public, you do not have to be a North Haven resident to apply to the program.
  • Children must be three as of December 31st and must be fully potty-trained to attend school.
  • We do not enroll students once the school year has started.
  • You can download the application and email it to [email protected]
  • The program fills very quickly, I recommend putting an application in well in advance of the year that you are applying for. 
Students learning to nurture preschoolers.
Friends for life.