Professional Development

Professional Development Committee

"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own"  -Ben Sweetland


Mission Statement


The mission of the North Haven Professional Development Committee, in collaboration with the school system, is to create and foster a strong learning community which will build the capacity of teachers to improve student learning while addressing instructional goals, Common Core of Teaching expectations, and best practices to ensure that all staff are highly qualified.

The program is designed to provide opportunities to earn CEUs in order to maintain certification, address the preferences and needs of adult learners, create a strong culture of learning, connect professional development to standard-based classroom practices and strategies, and offer venues to strengthen collaboration. Opportunities to reflect and assess new learning and how it relates to current practice will be reinforced and supported to present more meaningful experiences and connections to school and district-wide goals.


North Haven School's Key Professional Development Goals


Standards-Based: To provide staff with knowledge and skills to understand, acquire, and use current standards, research and thinking within the school community.

Results-driven Performance: To provide staff with knowledge and skills that will affect school improvement and student achievement.

Teaching and Learning: To provide staff with acquisition of knowledge to improve teaching and learning.

Continuous District Improvement: To provide staff with professional growth opportunities for the attainment of school and district-wide goals.

Individual Needs: To provide staff with professional growth choices that incorporate individual learning styles and needs.

Reflective Practice: To provide staff with professional growth opportunities that supports reflective practice on new learning.

Collaborative Learning: To provide professional growth opportunities that builds a network of teachers working together toward a common purpose.


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