Chinese ~ Italian ~ French ~ Latin ~ Spanish
Why learn Chinese?
China is the world's largest country making it one-fifth of the globe's population. Mandarin is spoken by approximately 1.4 billion people and has one of the world's richest and most ancient civilizations.  Mandarin Chinese is also of the official UN languages! 
Chinese lanterns
Why learn Italian?
Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world- and for good reason with its rich history, culture, cuisine, art, scenic coastlines, and much more! Over sixty percent of the world's treasures are found in Italy!  Italy is a world leader for culinary arts, fashion, auto manufacturing, luxury goods, and well known brands such as Barilla, Ferrari, Prada, and much more!
Italian coastline
Why learn French?
French is a beautiful and melodic language that will open many doors to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, and cinema with the internationally acclaimed Cannes International Film Festival.  Over 280 million people speak French worldwide. It is even the official language of the Olympics and an official UN language!
French map
Why learn Latin?
Latin is the gateway to classical literature and history.  Many languages such as the "Romance Languages" evolved from Latin.  Having a deep understanding of Latin may help English speakers understand their own language better especially important terms affiliated with the medical and legal fields. Studying Latin can also open doors to learning much about ancient Roman history!
Latin Statue
Why learn Spanish?
There are over 400 million people who speak Spanish worldwide and that number constantly rising, especially in the U.S.  Learning Spanish can open many doors to culturally rich and diverse nations around the world of Spanish- speakers such as Mexico, Spain, several Caribbean Islands, and many more. Studying Spanish can also open up a world of literature and deepen your appreciation for historical influences that still exist today!
Hispanic cultures