Distance Learning Update

Distance Learning
Distance Learning Update
We are excited to announce that beginning Monday, March 30, Elementary School students will transition from the current distance learning opportunities to teacher-led Google Classrooms. For Elementary School students, new Distance Learning Google Classrooms have been created and the codes to join were emailed on March 27 to both parents and students.  
For Middle and High School students, additional subject area distance learning classes have been added and the codes were shared out to the students.
All Google Classrooms will be led by a collaborative group of subject or grade level teachers (including your child’s teachers), as well as educational coaches and coordinators. Your child may get help from and interact with their usual teachers, but also get support from the subject/grade level team.
A special website has been created with parent guides and videos to help navigate Google Classroom and Google Meet. The link to this very user-friendly site is
Please CLICK HERE to read the entire update from the Superintendent. If you need help from our IT Department, please send your question via email to Support@northhavenschools.org.